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Change browser language in Microsoft Edge (Anaheim)

Before we start changing the language in Microsoft Edge (Anaheim) we need to see what version you’re running. There are two versions of Microsoft edge: Spartan (2014-2019) and Anaheim (2019-present) so let’s see which version you’re running:

  1. Go to Start > Settings > Apps > Apps & Features, then scroll through the list and find Microsoft Edge
  2. If it shows the Version number, take note and move to step 4. otherwise go to step 3
  3. Click on Microsoft Edge > Advanced Options, and under Specifications heading look for the Version
  4. If your version is 44 or lower, you’re running the Spartan version. You need to see my other guide.
  5. If your version is 77 or higher, you’re running the Anaheim version. You can continue with this guide.

Change browser language in Microsoft Edge (Anaheim)

1. Open Edge and click Settings and more icon (three dots) top-right of your screen, then click Settings

2. Click Languages on the left-side pane, then click the Add languages button

3. Type the language you need inside the search box, or scroll down to find it. Check the checkbox for your chosen language and click Add

4. Click the three dots icon beside your language, then click Move to top position

French at the top position

5. Close Settings tab and visit to confirm Edge is displaying in your chosen language.

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  • I recently installed an update to MS Edge (Version 83.xx). My display language is in Chinese now. My default. I cannot read Mandarin Chinese (or simplified Chinese) so I can change it. How do I do it

    This happened after I installed a new MS Edge. I did not manually change it.

  • Thank you for putting together a clear and useful tutorial for changing language settings in Edge. Every other site, I went to insisted that I needed to make the change within Edge's settings. But since I am using version 44, you showed me the right course of action. Thank you very much!!

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