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After the success of Ricmedia PC Help, I have decided to migrate over to the root domain and publish tutorials on four core subjects: Linux, Windows, Raspberry Pi and Networking. I will migrate over some of the more popular guides on PC Help to this domain and rewrite them so they’re easier to read, but most of the older guides will be left and eventually retired.

I’ve also started a WhatsApp group and a Telegram channel that you can join and be notified when new tutorials are published. You can also subscribe to my RSS feed, or follow me on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, but the e-mail newsletter is (at this stage) being retired unless I get demand for it (e-mail newsletters are a p.i.t.a).

So welcome to my new blog and I hope you like what I publish. If you want a tutorial done on a specific subject not already covered, drop me a line.

Richie Brereton

Richie @RicmediaPCHelp

I've been a web developer since 2006 and also have a keen interest in everything Linux and Raspberry Pi. This is where I share my knowledge and projects.

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