Raspberry Pi Pico W - Tiny and Powerful

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Raspberry Pi Pico W - Tiny and Powerful

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has released new versions of their Pico platform with three offerings: Pico W with Wi-Fi, Pico H with headers to connected peripheral equipment, and the Pico WH that has both Wi-Fi and header. The new versions run on the in-house RP2040 chip built on a 40nm low-power process with two ARM Cortex-M0+ cores running at 133MHz, 256kB of RAM, and a programmable I/O subsystem.

The RP2040 chip


The previous version of the Pico has sold nearly 2 million units and has been widely implemented in commercial and industrial applications. The new lineup will accelerate IoT (Internet of Things) thanks to the Wi-Fi chip and network connectivity. Raspberry Pi worked with Infineon to add their CYW43439 Wi-Fi chip to the Pico W, and Pico WH, noting that the chip also supports Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE, which is not enabled on the boards yet, but they may do so in the future.


The new Pico SDK includes wireless networking support with the network stack built around lwIP and uses libcyw43 to communicate with the Wi-Fi chip. MicroPython users can download the UF2 image with networking support for the Pico W. The Raspberry Pi Foundation will be rolling out demos and documentation over the coming months.

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