Set up OpenVPN on macOS

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Set up OpenVPN on macOS

Today I will show you how to connect your Apple MAC to any VPN service using the OpenVPN protocol. OpenVPN is a fast, stable, and secure protocol with most VPN service providers supporting it including BTGuard VPN.



Before we start, you’ll need to find out the following details (best have them written or printed). If you are connecting to a paid VPN service like BTGuard VPN, just login and your details and settings will be there. If you are connecting via a workplace, please contact your Network Administrator and ask them for the following details:

Required Information

  • Your VPN username
  • Your VPN password
  • The OpenVPN configuration files (.ovpn/.tblk/.conf) you may need to login to your VPN service provider to access these files, which will usually be in a .zip folder (Download BTGuard config files here).

Download & Install Tunnelblick

  1. Download the “Stable” version of Tunnelblick here
  2. Double click the Tunnelblick .dmg file
    Double click the Tunnelblick DMG file
  3. Double click the Tunnelblick Installer icon
    Double click the Tunnelblick installer icon
  4. Click Open
    Click Open
  5. Leave updates and IP address change options checked and click Continue
    Leave options checked and click Continue
  6. Click I have configuration files
    Click I have configuration files
  7. Click OK
    Click OK

Install OVPN Configuration Files & Connect

  1. Locate your OpenVPN configuration files (i.e. Downloads folder) then select and drag onto the Tunnelblick icon top-right of your screen
    Drag config files from Downloads to the Tunnelblick icon
  2. Click Only Me or All Users depending on your preference
    Click either Only Me or All Users
  3. To connect, click the Tunnelblick icon, then select a server location
    Click the Tunnelblick icon, then choose a server to connect
  4. Enter your VPN username and password, and optionally a security code
    Enter your VPN username and password and click OK
  5. You should now be connected to your VPN service providers OpenVPN network

Video: Set up OpenVPN on macOS


Hopefully everything went well and you’re now connected using the OpenVPN protocol. If you had any issues, let me know in the comments or socials/email.

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