Connect VPN using SSTP on Windows 11

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Connect VPN using SSTP on Windows 11

Today I’ll show you how to connect to a VPN network using the SSTP protocol. Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol is very secure and stable, but only works on Windows computers. It can avoid firewalls because it runs over port 443 (SSL) which is rarely blocked because it’s used by all web browsers for secure browsing.



  • You’ll need a VPN service that supports the SSTP Protocol like NordVPN or ExpressVPN
  • You’ll also need to login to your VPN service provider and find your SSTP credentials (username and password)
  • The server name or IP address (i.e.. or 102.562.243.12)

Connect VPN using SSTP on Windows 11

  1. Click Start, then Settings
    Click Start, Settings
  2. Click Network & Internet, then VPN
    Click Network & Internet, VPN
  3. Click Add VPN
    Click Add VPN
  4. Enter details as follows:
    • VPN providerWindows built-in
    • Connection name – e.g. MyWorkVPN
    • Server name or address – name: OR ip address: 123.456.789.11
    • VPN typeSecure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP)
    • Type of sign inusername and password (or what your VPN/Network admin advises)
    • User name – [username]
    • Password – [password]
      Enter your VPN credentials
  5. Go to Network & Internet -> VPN -> Connect
    Click Connect
  6. You should now be connected to your VPN network

Video Guide


I hope everything went well and you’re now connect to a secure VPN network. If you had any issues, hit me up in the comments or socials/email.

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