Change default email client on Windows 10

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Change default email client on Windows 10

Today I’ll show you how to change the default email client on Windows 10. By default, Windows 10/11 has the “Mail” program as default which is not ideal for many users.


Change Default Email Client on Windows 10

  • Some older email clients may not show up in the dropdown list
  • For Gmail, choose Google Chrome as your email client
  1. Click the “Start” Button (Windows logo bottom-left of your screen), then click “Settings”
    Click Start, then Settings
  2. Click “Apps”
    Click Apps
  3. Click “Default Apps” from the left-side menu, then under the “Email” heading, click the current default app icon
    Click Default Apps
  4. Choose your default email client
    Choose a default email client

Video: Change default email client on Windows 10


You should now have your preferred email app as default on Windows 10/11. If you had any issues, hit me up in the comments or socials/email.

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  1. Thank you for the valuable article, however, in my case, I have to refresh my email to receive email. Is it normal?

  2. Hi Bharat, when you say refresh, do you mean send/receive? cheers, Rich


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