The Ultimate Web Server on Ubuntu 22.04

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The Ultimate Web Server on Ubuntu 22.04

Welcome to my Ultimate Web Server series for Ubuntu 22.04. In this series of tutorials, I will show you how to install and configure a LAMP stack with high security and blistering performance using HTTP/2. You will also learn how to set up Apache Virtual Hosts so your server can host multiple websites. The tutorials are organized in logical steps, and I encourage you to follow all of them (the WordPress step is optional).



  • You will need a cloud server with a minimum 1 CPU, 2GB RAM and 20GB HDD. See DigitalOcean, Vultr or DreamHost
  • A registered domain name (buy one for $0.99 cents from Namecheap) with DNS records pointing to your cloud servers IP address (instructions below)
  • Throughout all these tutorials, I am using my own domain name and IP address, so you’ll need to replace those with your own information at each instance
  • I suggest you bookmark this page so you can find it easily

Set Up DNS Records

You will need two “A” DNS records so your domain name points to your cloud servers IP address, see table below (replace with your information):

Type Host TTL Record
A 300
A 300

The Ultimate Web Server Series (Ubuntu 22.04)


I hope everything went well and you now have a robust, secure web server capable of hosting multiple websites. If you had any trouble, hit me up in the comments, email or socials.

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